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leigh van der Bijl

As a child, I derived joy from the exquisite complexity of nature’s symmetry and patterns and had a knack for finding and nurturing beauty. Weekends were spent tending bonsai’s, orchids and other exotic plants and later, restoring old furniture. I also developed a passion for the delicate organic patterns of sea life and began to photograph their otherworldly colours and textures.

For many years, I poured my energy into a global career spanning the aviation, nuclear, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Work meant travel and the chance to visit far-away places. I began to re-engage with colour and texture in the fabrics and objects from the different regions I visited and found real joy in beautiful objects from elsewhere.

Seeking a refuge from the constraints and frustrations of the corporate sector, I began to envision a new project centered around joy and abundance. From this  Here & Elsewhere was born: a haven centered around beautiful quality pieces, plush textures and alluring colours inspired by international trends and supported by a great Team to grow the Vision.


Interior Designer


Born and raised in Johannesburg, as a child I loved drawing, painting and reading, my dream then was to be an Art teacher, teaching children the beauty of colour, art&design.

However my passion and love for the arts lead me into a career as a Graphic designer, the perceived safer option, as apposed to a struggling Fine Artist or Teacher.

After working in the graphic design industry for 4years, I craved something more challenging and diverse, My mom worked for Plascon and became more&more involved in the building industry. This is when I developed a passion for building sites, seeing spaces being transformed from a concrete shell into beautiful, liveable places to work, live and thrive.

I decided to change my career and enrolled in the 2year Interior Design course at Inscape College, while working in the family partitioning and building business. Coupled with my graphic design background and our company working mainly for the big corporates such as the banks and insurance companies, I excelled in corporate design, which then developed into retail and residential inspiring me to design furniture and open shops.

All this experience and expertise has lead me to now joining Here&Elsewhere in an exciting new venture, developing an Interior Design Brand, which is beautiful, unique and practical, offering our clients the Interior Design Service & Experience they deserve .